Coopex Montbeliarde - Montbeliarde X Holstein
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Montbeliarde X Holstein
Montbeliarde X Holstein

Coopex Montbeliarde - Montbeliarde X HolsteinAchieving the reproductive and survival success!
  • Maintening high production

  • Getting more heifers to raise

  • Cutting down your vet costs

Ensuring the profitability of your dairy operation !

"Our bankers love them, just as we do!"

John & Bill Bergwerff Dairymen from Oakdale and Modesto, California started crossbreeding 6 years ago with Montbeliarde genetics.

"For us, pregnant cows are the greatest economic driver on a dairy, and each pregnancy obtained, further ensures the success of the entire dairy operation. Our Montbeliarde-Holstein are high producers and consistent breeders, just what we needed. In addition, they have so much strengh," say John and Bill Bergwerff, Oakdale CA.
John Knutson

John Kruston's opinion:
"My Montbeliarde/Holsteins are surprising. They carry that extra body condition that keeps them away from trouble. As heifers, I feed them a third less compared to holstein heifers. They are just more efficient and when milking, I am getting a lot less metabolic problems, and their feet & legs are the best I have ever seen!! Those Montbeliarde/Holstein are just calving, producing and breeding like our cows used to do it before, I am back in business!"

Montbeliarde: Voted :#1 Crossbreed by dairymen who milk them!

Updated results from 7 large dairies in California,
U.S.A. Crossbreeding trials
(Les Hansen, Brad Heins and Tony Seykora, University of Minnesota, 2006) 
  Montbeliarde-Holstein Holstein
Cows starting study 494 380
1st Lact (305 d)  (kg) 9.210 9.889
2nd Lact (305 d)  (kg) 10.681 11.882
3rd Lact (305 d)  (kg) 11.361 12.232
Prot  avg 3 lact  (%) 3,18 3,09
Fat   avg 3 lact  (%) 3,71 3,6
* Sire Calving Diff  (%) 5,4 8,4
* Sire Still birth  (%) 5 12,7
** Mat. Calv. Dif  (%) 7,2 17,7
** Mat. Stillbirth  (%) 6,2 14
Days Open 137 156
Survival 305 days (1st Lact)  (%) 96 86
Cows calving a 2nd time :    
within 14 months (%) 64 44
within 20 months (%) 83 67
* on pure Holstein cows
** on 1st Calving

Excellent California results and new Montbeliarde trials at the University of Minnesota

L.B. Hansen"Reaching 3 lactations (305 days), the Montbeliarde/Holstein crossbreeds were significantly superior to pure Holsteins for calving ease, stillbirth, fertility, and survival in seven large California dairies.

Advantages for these important traits economically overwhelms the slight advantage of pure Holsteins for production compared to their Montbeliarde/Holstein crossbreed herdmates."

The Montbeliarde breed appears to be an attractive option for dairy crossbreeding programs around the world.

Montbeliarde was chosen by the University of Minnesota to include in our 3-breed rotational crossbreeding system for comparison with top-pedigreedpure Holsteins in research trials.

Results for production and reproduction will become available in 2007."

L.B. Hansen, University of Minnesota, U.S.A., October 2006.


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