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Coopex Montbeliarde - E-mating AdviceThe best Montbeliarde's sire analysts offer you a customized e-mating. This will take less than 8 days.

You just have to fill up the forms. Either you want an individual cow mating and you fill up the form call customized e-mating, or you want to know which bulls to use all across the herd and you fill up the form call herd e-mating.

Our e-mating concept allows us to offer a service to our breeders all over the world in order to optimize the use of the Montbeliarde breed in their herd. This service is completely free of charge and come in addition to the regular visit of our breed specialists in Montbeliarde herds all over the world.

To be sent by e-mail at
or by fax at +33 3 81 63 23 23
customized e-mating
herd e-mating
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