Coopex Montbeliarde - Reasons for Success
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Reasons for Success
Reasons for Success

An Integrated Industry

A Tradition of Quality

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Coopex Montbeliarde - Reasons for SuccessSelected for its proven milk and cheese qualities

The application of milk quotas has not diminished en thusiasm for the Montbeliarde breed. Far from it - it is emerging as the leading profitable breed. 50% of controled cows are registered with the National Unit for Selection and Promotion of the Montbeliarde breed (UPRa), which means that 4,500 breeders are involved in the breed selection choices.

A sound selection basis

With close to 360,000 controled cows, the Montbeliarde breed is the 2nd French dairy breed. An adult
  • 319 days
  • 7486 kg
  • 3.45 TA (protein content)
  • 3.89 TB (fat content)
    (2004 résults)

The breed orientation managers have always simultaneously worked on the nitrogen and caseins levels in the milk

In 10 years the breed has progressed by a 1.1 g/kg nitrogen level. At the same time each bull has been typified on Kappa Casein chain. The frequency of allele B on Kappa Casein chain, favourable for cheese yield, increased by 14.3% in 5 years in the Montbeliarde inseminations.

The breed is appreciated by cheese cooperatives that manufacture cheeses or great renown, such as:

  • Comté, the cheese from the breed's place of origin, 38,500 tonnes per year
  • Reblochon, 16,500 tonnes
  • Mont d'Or, 3,200 tonnes
  • Abondance, 777 tonnes
    (1997 data)

More than 50,000 cows in first lactation are classified each year on their beef value and their format for bull indexing. More than 350 bull-calves pass through an individual control testing station and only 60% are retained on conformation and feed efficiency criteria before being presented for testing.


Excellent growth and carcasses. Typical weight at 10 months = 420 kg (SCI)
Excellent feed conversion
High veal price

Numerous selection tools to improve

Mastitis resistance: The Montbeliarde is one of the breeds with the greatest mastitis resistance.

Ease of calving: 25% of Montbeliarde females inseminated per week by Charolais bulls - this is proof enough.

Fertility: Convincing results in France and abroad. In Ireland on the Moorepark farm (61% success rate in 1st Al against 50, 43 and 32% in 1998 for the other breeds).

Functional longevity: The Montbeliarde breed has given its proof in French livestock - 200 cows have already produced more than 100 tonnes of milk today - 50% more cows beyond the fifth lactation.

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