Coopex Montbeliarde - An Integrated Industry
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An Integrated Industry
Reasons for Success

An Integrated Industry

A Tradition of Quality

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Coopex Montbeliarde - An Integrated Industry
Technical support in Germany
From breeder to breeder COOPEX gives access to the entire genetic and technical resources of the Montbeliarde breed.

Thanks to a constant work on the field since 30 years COOPEX has developed a strong technical and friendly network in-between the 5 continents to create a strong family of Montbeliarde breeders.

COOPEX is a union of coops then has access to the entire resources of the Montbeliarde industry to bring the best possible service to the breeders (genetic products, research & new technologies, feeding, management,…).

Important to know: the revenues of the export sales are directly reinvested in the Montbeliarde breeding program, for the benefit of all the Montbeliarde breeders all over the world.

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