Coopex Montbeliarde - A Tradition of Quality
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A Tradition of Quality
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A Tradition of Quality

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Coopex Montbeliarde - A Tradition of QualityRegistered as a pure breed since 1889, the Montbeliarde comes originally from the Franche-Comte region, a mountain area located in eastern France . For centuries, Montbeliarde breeders have also been cheese makers. Therefore, they have selected through times not only a very good dairy breed, producing high quality milk, but also a breed of healthy, hardy cows, able to adapt to a strong climate and to make the best of available feed.
Coopex Montbeliarde - A Tradition of Quality
Today, no less than 9 AOC cheeses quote the Montbeliarde breed in their list of requirements (Comté, Morbier , Mont d'Or, Bleu de Gex, Reblochon, Abondance, Tome des Bauges, Bleu du Vercors Sassenage, Cantal). This confirms how much the quality of Montbeliarde milk is desired for cheese making.Coopex Montbeliarde - A Tradition of Quality

Beef production is not to be forgotten either. Consumers associations, through "Que Choisir" magazine, awarded Montbeliarde meat their best mark in a comparative test in november 2003. This high quality was in any case already certified by such labels as Montbeliarde Qualité and Filière Qualité Carrefour (Carrefour Stores Quality Selection)..

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